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Working together to deliver greater benefits

Effective partnerships are key to MSP's ongoing success.

Maximising the economic and social benefits of innovation requires truly dynamic links between the public, private and knowledge sectors. Our track record in making those links work is primarily down to the strength of our stakeholder base, which includes the main academic, health and civic organisations in the Manchester and Cheshire region. 

But our partnership approach doesn't stop there, as we constantly seek out like-minded organisations that are looking to meet and join forces with the innovators of the future. From supporting the activities of the Museum of Science and Industry in opening up young minds to the power of ideas, to joining with Cisco to create a ground-breaking platform to explore the Internet of Things, we believe we can deliver value by working in partnership with others.

If you are interested in getting involved in new partnership opportunities at MSP, please contact anne.dornan@mspl.co.uk, our Head of Innovation. 

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Our Partners