ZedScan™ to showcase at Universal Health Coverage Forum - Japan



ZedScan™ to showcase at Universal Health Coverage Forum - Japan

Zilico Ltd, the Manchester Science Park based technology company has been invited by the World Bank to showcase ZedScan™, an innovative diagnostic for cervical abnormalities at the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Forum held in Tokyo this week.

The forum which is hosted by the Government of Japan, and jointly organised by the World Bank Group, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and UHC2030, highlights new and innovative ways in which affordable healthcare can be delivered throughout the world.  World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim will be one of the featured speakers at the event, who has a global focus on achieving accessible ‘Health for All’.

ZedScan™, is a real time diagnostic system that is used alongside standard colposcopy to provide an objective assessment of the cervical epithelial tissue.  ZedScan™ uses electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) to detect high-grade cell changes, which may develop into cervical cancer.  

Sameer Kothari, CEO of Zilico Ltd, who will be attending the UHC Forum says, “Colposcopy as a clinical examination has remained mostly unchanged for 90 years and we have seen mature health markets introduce screening programmes with a positive impact, yet the developing world is losing too many women to a preventable cancer.”

“The introduction of a screening programme in the developing world could help save lives and with new technologies such as ZedScan™, the implementation could be accelerated by bypassing some of the needs required by the traditional testing methods which also could be cost efficacious to countries with limited resources.” Sameer Kothari explains.  “ZedScan™ can improve patient management by allowing the clinician to reassuringly treat the women who have high-grade disease and return women with low grade abnormalities to routine surveillance, as it is effective in differentiating the two.”

According to the World Bank, the path to UHC by 2030 cannot be through business as usual: innovation in all aspects of the health system is essential to its success. Around the world, ingenious practitioners and passionate changemakers, very often with limited resources in difficult environments, are making huge strides to accelerate progress towards UHC through innovation.


“We are delighted that ZedScan™ has been recognised as a diagnostic device, supported by real-word data from mature healthcare markets, which could support global healthcare inequalities.  We look forward to continually working with the UHC organisations to achieve this,” adds Sameer Kothari.