TelePsy eHealth Platform Innovates with Chat and Video



The TelePsy eHealth platform provides mental health professionals and general practitioners with digital tools to support them in the diagnostics, evaluation and treatment of their service users.

Thanks to an integration with the secure Alterdesk Messenger, TelePsy can now offer its users chat and video call functionalities. “It is one of the biggest functional updates we have had in years”, says Marco Essed, CEO of TelePsy.

The update will enable users of the TelePsy platform to communicate with co-workers and service users, ensuring secure and encrypted chat and videoconferencing.

The goal is to make the communication processes surrounding the diagnostics and treatment of service users more efficient and effective. Being able to use the same platform for its tools (questionnaires, psychoeducation, exercises, journals, modules and more) and to communicate with all relevant stakeholders will greatly benefit both healthcare professionals and their service users.

Niels Greidanus, CEO of Alterdesk, is enthusiastic about these developments: “TelePsy offers a great eHealth platform to a segment of the market in which our chat and video call functionalities can really make a difference. Especially combined with the functionalities of the rest of the platform, TelePsy can provide their users with a practical, logical, comprehensive solution.”

The integration is expected to be launched at the beginning of December 2017.

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