MSP's Meet Your Neighbours 28th April Roundup

29th April 2016


Our central campus is home to over 160 companies from across science and technology sectors, it’s often difficult to get a sense of the variety of the work that goes on here. So, it’s always exciting when our customers get together to share what they’re working on. Yesterday we welcomed over twenty customers to take part in our regular Meet Your Neighbours lunchtime event.

Firstly, we had a presentation from Daniel Jamieson, CEO Biorelate. Biorelate focus on turning the vast resources of existing knowledge found in published research into new medicines. This is to take advantage of a ‘knowledge explosion’ which has seen the proliferation of patents and published articles. Such vast amounts of data present a problem to anybody seeking to mine it for information. The traditional options available to organisations doing this work are either by employing people to manually read through the data, or by using automated processes. Both have significant drawbacks - the former in the expense of employing individuals to do this, the latter in the likelihood of error. Biorelate have developed a unique piece of software which sits between the two approaches, is part manual and part automated They achieve this through a piece of software they have developed called Bespoke DB, which can rapidly build databases of research. The database can be developed within a number of months and can complement ongoing research .

Secondly we heard from James Balderstone, from Lucid Networks. Lucid Networks are an IT consultancy based in Greenheys which help companies get better value out of the digital technology which they rely on through the simplification and automation of processes. With heavy reliance on IT now being the norm, this is a very valuable service. By gluing various open source tools together, Lucid Networks automate processes within critical IT infrastructure. As well as increasing value, there are multiple spinoff advantages that can be achieved through greater automation. Processes can be run even during unsociable hours and the possibility of human error is eliminated. With the number of areas of a business which can be automated increasing, such as software development, billing and technical services, Lucid Networks is a company with a bright future.

Lastly we heard from Mike Todd and Ravelle Thomas from Digital Training Solutions. Based in Greenheys and having grown out of Riverhorse - recently recognised as one of England’s top 50 creative companies - Digital Training Solutions focus on the idea of online, immersive, video driven training. An approach they call ‘Near-Life’. Using real actors and consulting with experts, they produce online courses which allow for people to master a skill in a safe and immersive environment. Video elearning also has considerable advantages over traditional online learning portals in terms of retention and cost effectiveness. Their pilot project ‘Mission Ready’, funded by USAID and DFID, has been nominated for Most Innovative Application of Technology at the Big Chip awards. They have also been invited to present the project at the UN World Humanitarian summit in May. Their next project, uses the same ‘Near-Life’ approach‘. Currently in beta mode, they have offered all MSP customers a free single-user licence, to aid them with testing. If you are interested, please contact

If you are an MSP customer and would like to attend or present at a future ‘Meet your Neighbours’ event, you can email for more information. The next event will be held on the 9th June.