Location as a catalyst for growth – how Cyprotex is pursuing its ambitions at Alderley Park



Location as a catalyst for growth – how Cyprotex is pursuing its ambitions at Alderley Park

Cyprotex, an Evotec company, helps customers gain a better understanding of the human outcome of exposure to drugs or chemicals. It’s a global business which provides services to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal care and chemical industries.

The company employs in vitro laboratory methods combined with in silico software-driven technology to provide an insight into human pharmacokinetics and toxicity from its UK base at Alderley Park.  

It has a heavy focus on R&D in the area of ADME-Tox – which covers the behaviour and disposition of pharmaceuticals or chemicals within a given organism. In addition to routine screening methods, customers have access to a wide range of specialist techniques available through Cyprotex to address specific issues or questions in their projects.

Founded in 1999, the business has experienced significant growth in recent years. It completed a series of acquisitions that enabled it to add new capabilities to its portfolio and diversify its global customer base. Now part of Evotec, after being acquired by the group in 2016, Cyprotex’s next phase of development sees it integrating its ADME-Tox expertise with Evotec’s global discovery platform.

In January 2017, having outgrown its facility in Macclesfield, Cyprotex consolidated its UK operations at Alderley Park.  The company relocated a total of 106 employees to a 2300m2 state-of-the art office and laboratory space in the heart of the Mereside campus.

As a vibrant scientific hub, comprising a network of more than 150 biotech and life science companies, Alderley Park offered a natural home to Cyprotex. The site was regarded as an environment that would help to foster innovation and support business development plans.

Explaining what attracted Cyprotex to the site, Dr Clive Dilworth, Scientific Director says, “Access to a host of other companies on site was a particular draw as we knew it would allow us to nurture a culture of collaboration and support. We have built strong relationships with many of the other companies at Alderley Park, some of which now outsource business to Cyprotex and others who we are collaborating with. By utilising this network, we are able to provide our customers with an enhanced breadth of services.”

Being able to call upon Alderley Park’s on-site conference centre and additional meeting rooms, in accordance with the demands of the business is also an advantage cited by Cyprotex. Dr Helen Gill, Director of Marketing at Cyprotex says, “Our business benefits from the modern purpose built laboratory and flexible office space that we have at our disposal here and, beyond that, the very spacious and well equipped conference facility enables us to host customer events on site and to showcase our services to them.”

For Cyprotex - a business focused on recruiting the best scientific minds in the country, Alderley Park is a strategic asset. The setting of the campus and the quality of the facilities it has on offer are proving an advantage when it comes to attracting leading scientific talent and accomplished graduates. Dr Clive Dilworth explains, “It is very important to us that the people who work for us do so in a pleasant environment and are able to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Alderley Park is designed to be a place where people enjoy spending time and want to come to work. The setting of Alderley Park is perfect. There is an abundance of wildlife on-site and many of our staff take advantage of the various walks and trails around the park. We also have a well-equipped gym on site and an excellent restaurant. There are lots of community spaces dotted around the site, where you can meet with colleagues and all of the facilities have a bright, modern design, helping to promote a feeling of well-being.”

Being located at Alderley Park is helping Cyprotex sharpen its competitive edge. The business has  always performed ahead of market expectations due to its ability to differentiate itself over the competition and to innovate. Software engineers at Cyprotex work closely with the scientists to constantly improve efficiency within the organisation and the business has a strong focus on R&D.  

The team continues to work on developing new in vitro and in silico technologies that are more representative of the in-life situation.

As Cyprotex moves into its next phase of expansion, building on the success that it has achieved during the last 18 years and taking its brand to a wider worldwide audience, Alderley Park is sure to play a valuable role.