How has TiE added over $200 billion of net economic value to organisations around the world and how could you be part of it?


How has TiE added over $200 billion of net economic value to organisations around the world and how could you be part of it?

The history of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) is fascinating to say the least. Starting out as a small group of professionals in Silicon Valley early 1990’s, TiE is now the world’s largest network of entrepreneurs and has added over $200 billion of net economic wealth to organisations all around the world. Last week we met the fabulous with Vikas Shah - serial entrepreneur, TiE mentor, investor and author of the famous Thought Economics blog, which interviews the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Sir James Dyson. Vikas spoke to us about the TiE network, it's world class mentors and how it connects startups with entrepreneurs from all over the world. MSP customers will have a chance to talk with TiE mentors on September 7th at our Central Campus. [Sign up here]

TiE was founded in 1992 by a small group of professionals who decided they wanted to give back to the community by sharing their advice, networks and contacts with other small businesses. Since then, TiE has become a global network, working across 62 chapters in 90 countries. Regionally, TiE has expert mentors from a huge range of sectors, including world leading biotechnology entrepreneurs and active investors in IT, professional services, biotech, media, film and even fashion. The TiE network offers two levels of membership, one of these is for start-ups and SME’s who would like to be connected with advice, mentoring and support. The second is being a mentor - a proven expertise in their field who can offer their support. Other benefits of TiE include its ecosystem of businesses, partners and competitions that have awarded millions of pounds worth of prize money and investment over the years.

So who is Vikas Shah? You might have seen him on sky news talking about entrepreneurship, or read his opinion articles in The Guardian or The Economist, but these are only few on his list. As a 16 year old in Manchester, Vikas says he started his first business ‘’by accident’’ when he began building websites for businesses. Still at aged 16, this company grew rapidly with offices expanding into London, New York and Sydney. His next challenge was to conquer the world of textiles, where Vikas became the Managing Director and CEO of Europe’s leading textiles firm - Swiscot. The list of Vikas’ serial entrepreneurship goes on, including his title as MIT sloan school as Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship, Board Member of Manchester Business School, Chair of FutureEverything and of course, Co President of TiE.

Vikas Shah and other industry leading TiE mentors will be at MSP’s Central Campus on September the 7th for a drop in clinic to provide MSP customers with free expert advice. If you would like to meet the mentors and find out more about TiE, you can sign up here.