Health and Wellbeing at the Bright Building: Introducing The Studio



Bright Body and Mind - Introducing The Studio

The Studio will be the Bright Building’s dedicated gym area - a 716 sq ft space equipped with kettlebells, barbells, olympic discs, mats, steppers and spin bikes. As well as utilising this space for wellbeing classes like yoga and meditation,  the Studio will also offer a range of classes curated by the Bright Building’s very own personal trainer, Louise Swann.

We have been working with Louise to build a health and wellbeing programme for MSP customers, and recently spoke with her to find out more about herself, the classes she runs and her top tips for keeping fit in the workplace.

How long have you been teaching fitness classes for and what inspired you to start?

I started in the health and fitness industry in 2012 after losing passion with my career in law. I convinced myself that my job and lifestyle was too demanding to exercise, so to try motivate myself I signed up for a seven day fitness retreat. I loved everything about it and knew instantly that I wanted to make a career out of fitness. Fast forward four years and I have my own fitness brand, SwannFitness.

Why do you think it is important to get people up and moving throughout the work day?

Fatigue and tiredness actually increases when we are inactive for too long, so getting up and getting active will boost your energy levels and productivity. Doing any type of activity will help brain function, alertness, management of stress levels and better physical, as well as emotional, wellbeing.

What are the benefits of your exercise classes?

The classes have multiple benefits as they will focus on interval style training and weight training. Both are great at getting the heart rate up and putting the body into fat burning mode. The great thing about training with weights is that your body will still be burning fat for up to 48 hours later, and let’s not forget about all the endorphins that are released during any exercise.

Are your classes suited to all fitness levels?

Yes, all classes are suitable for beginner level fitness and more advanced fitness enthusiasts. We progress, regress and adapt all workouts to cater for each individual - so everyone is welcome!

What are your top 3 tips for staying healthy in the workplace?

  1. Prepare your lunch and snacks ahead of your day and keep your food intake at consistent times during the day. This will help avoid any energy slumps that make most people want to grab a coffee and the biscuit tin!
  2. Drink more water - this will keep you more alert, hydrate your skin and ensure your body can function effectively.
  3. Make a start on healthier lifestyle choices right now, even if it means getting up for a ten minute walk at lunchtime or making it a rule that you don’t eat lunch sat down at your desk.