Global Entrepreneurship Week: Inclusion and Innovation in Manchester



Global Entrepreneurship Week: Inclusion, Education and Inspiring the Next Generation 

The world needs more entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship shapes future technology, improves services, encourages diversity and drives innovation across cities and communities, and Global Entrepreneurship Week (18th - 22nd November) is a chance to celebrate brilliant entrepreneurs around the world and ways for people to become one of them. 

This year’s themes are inclusion and education, which looks at the importance of fostering entrepreneurship in people of all ages, and ensuring that age, gender, race and location are not an obstacle for entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneurship and Inclusion in tech

Did you know that only 20% of workers in the tech industry are women? And an even smaller percentage of girls choose to study STEM related subjects past GCSE. So how can we support inclusive entrepreneurship in the tech sector?

As a sponsor of the Digital Her Inspire and Empower Roadshow - an initiative run by Manchester Digital to inspire young women across Greater Manchester to explore careers in digital and tech, we joined up with MSP-based Unicorn and Co to showcase what working in the tech and digital sector can include.

Julie McGann, founder of the digital wellbeing platform Unicorn and Co, asked Year 8 girls at the roadshow to design their own self-care app. From personal health and reducing stress, to homework management and anti-bullying apps, the girls were excited to learn that working in tech can actually help improve day-to-day lives.

Intrigued by the real life tech role models that attend the roadshow events, the girls almost always ask: “Do you have to be an expert in coding to work in tech?’’ ‘’Do you need to study maths and science to be good at your job?’’ ‘’Do you have to wear a suit to work everyday’’. 

It’s always a surprise when the girls learn that tech and digital jobs don’t necessarily require coding tasks, maths, science or a suit. The Digital Her Inspire and Empower Roadshow showcases the array of careers involved in the tech industry, from website design and digital marketing, to medical devices, security services, health, wellbeing and even fashion and retail.

At the November Digital Her Roadshow in Rochdale, Chief Exec of Rochdale Council Steve Rumbelow opened with: “Young creative minds have the ability to see through boundaries and obstacles. It is these minds and ideas that can change the future.’’

And this is just one of the many reasons Manchester Science Partnerships supports Digital Her. Our community of over 150 innovative life science and technology businesses continues to grow faster than most others in the UK and key to the survival of their business is accessing and retaining the best and brightest talent they can.

Through our partnerships with the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University we enable our customers to access a diverse talent pool of STEM apprentices and graduates - over 4,000 of them each year in Manchester, but to continue to be able to do this we must all do what we can to secure the next generation future talent of entrepreneurs.

Meet some of the most cutting-edge, disruptive entrepreneurs and innovators in Manchester below:

DigitalBridgeGuided Design platform using complex AI to enable retailers to help their customers design and buy their dream bathroom or kitchen.

NGPod Global - Winners of the 2019 VentureFest Innovation award, NGPod Global is aiming for nothing short of a revolution in the enteral feeding market by providing a safer, more cost-effective method of confirming nasogastric feeding tube placement.

Hark - Hark is a real time environmental monitoring system that provides solutions for real world challenges.

Tootoot - Tootoot is a revolutionary new platform that enables young people to have a voice against bullying.

Cubic Motion - World Leading Facial Animators

SteamaCo - Smart metering technology enables utilities to sell energy anywhere on the planet.