Edtech startup launches workshops to inspire students into tech careers


Edtech startup launches industry workshops to inspire students into tech careers

The pilot saw students in years 9 and 10 design, code, 3D print, and assemble autonomous vehicles whilst learning about different careers in the industry  

Manchester, UK (June 14, 2019) - Edtech startup, Dicey Tech, has successfully delivered its first workshop in the ‘Intro 2 Industry’ series, which gave secondary school pupils the opportunity to immerse themselves in the autonomous vehicles sector.

Nearly 40 students aged 13-16 and from schools across Manchester took part in an immersive session at the Bright Building in Manchester Science Park, where they competed in teams to build the best autonomous vehicles. During the challenge, they were mentored by industry professionals, who volunteered to pass on their knowledge and expertise.

While the winners, from Manchester Academy, received a trophy and took their creations back to school, the main prize was the experience itself in which students developed not only technical but social skills, resilience, and inspiration.

One of the students said that the two days completely changed her perspective, motivating her to research careers in 3D design because she couldn’t stop thinking about it. 

Delivered in collaboration with the Manchester City Council, the workshops are free to attend, and the company plans to run further sessions under the ‘Intro 2 Industry’ banner, on other topics such as robotics, space and the Internet of Things.

Alex Alexandrescu, co-founder of Dicey Tech, said: “The concept for ‘Intro 2 Industry’ is simple – introducing students to industry professionals. This means that we choose an industry sector, develop a relevant challenge for students to address, and bring in volunteers to guide our teams and inspire them with insights from their careers.

“It’s kind of like coding bootcamp meets speed networking but the work itself revolves around building physical technology, which is inherently very engaging.”
The team have already planned out the next few workshops, with themes including space, robotics, internet of things, and aerospace.

Anne Dornan, Head of Innovation at Manchester Science Partnerships, said: “It was a great experience to support Dicey Tech in this valuable initiative which gave children a window into one of the industries of the future. 

“Alex and his team delivered a hugely inspiring learning experience working with a wide range of industry partners, and we were so pleased to host the session within our Mi-IDEA demonstration space at the Bright Building" 

Dicey Tech is an education technology company on a mission to inspire and enable young generations to become active creators of technology. From a fundamental belief that learning is more engaging and effective through a physical, prototyping element, they use 3D printing as a tool to enable holistic learning experiences that combine tech, social skills, and careers insight.

Link to more photos of the event: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fglcJ5bFsM673-GeqTX8HVMLX3hvkDht 

Visit Dicey Tech's website here: https://diceytech.co.uk/