Customer Stories: UnifiedVU

7th April 2016


Manchester Science Partnerships is home to a diverse community of companies and innovators who are driving breakthrough developments across the science and technology sectors, so it is always exciting to hear directly from our customers to find out more.

This month we met with founder of ‘UnifiedVU,’ Manoj Ranaweera.  Born and raised in Sri Lanka until he was 18, Manoj settled in Manchester in 2000 due to its ‘buzz’ and entrepreneurial spirit. UnifiedVU believe that the value of technology comes down to its intelligence, accuracy and the ability to improve our everyday lives. We asked UnifiedVU five questions to get to know them better and to find out how they have used technology to aid business growth.

1.How would you describe what UnifiedVU does in a few sentences?

Customer records, data, insights and other important information are often scattered across a number of different software systems, making it harder to understand their full status. The technology under UnifiedVU was developed over a 4 year period, allowing all data to be found in one place, whether it be crucial information or the smaller details, allowing businesses a ‘360 degree view’ of their customer in an intuitive, straightforward and accurate way.

2. What is UnifiedVU currently working on?

Our everyday expectations of technology are getting higher as we become dependent on it for day-to-day functions. Over the past year we have honed in to what people want to get out of technology, particularly across businesses, which has inspired the software we provide today.  

As simple as it sounds, the aim is to minimise the amount of clicks people have to make. Rather than clicking around into many different systems and clicking around to access different types of information, our software ‘business 360 view’ puts customer data into one accessible place in an intuitive, organised manner. What we are currently working on is making sure more and more apps and systems can be added on the 360 view platform to enhance customer data and to maximise productivity.

3.What are you most proud of in terms of UnifiedVU’s successes and achievements?

I have spent the last ten years building technology software products and companies, working with start-ups and investing in my own ‘’crazy’’ ideas. I also founded the Northern Tech Awards, built the tech ecosystem in Manchester via Techcelerate, and created a research company ‘Foresight North’. So it's a great achievement for me that I have been able to build extensive knowledge and experience in the tech sector and use this to re-imagine and re-design how customers use software and how they can work with customer data across.

4.What is your favourite thing about the Technology sector?

Tech has become sexy. Everyday we use technology, whether it be social media for communicating, Airbnb to find somewhere to stay or even Uber to get a cheap taxi. Technology is something that touches and improves our lives day-to-day. This has caused a shift in mindset, we now rely on technology to do things for us, which has led to exciting developments and the birth of more and more tech entrepreneurs. You can especially see the importance of technology in light of huge upcoming projects such as the ‘Internet of Things’ which will use Manchester as its main demonstrator for the use of tech across the city and in everyday objects.

5. What is your favourite thing about being based in Manchester?

I grew up in Sri Lanka until I moved to England and studied in Brighton at 18. Before settling in Manchester, I lived everywhere from Newcastle to the Middle East working on a range of different projects. I was attracted to Manchester in 2000 because of how much the city is buzzing with people, entrepreneurs and different sectors. Not to mention it is the City of Graphene and produces more students than anywhere else in Europe. I believe it really is a city for technology to thrive, especially with companies like MSP who give the tech sector that chance.

You can visit the UnifiedVU website here and receive a free trial of this platform to see how it can help your business. For more information, email - Manoj is happy to deliver a face-to-face demonstration in addition to offering 20% discount for first year of service to the first 5 customers who sign up before end of April 2016.

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