Customer Stories: Kasmir Consulting


MSP is home to a huge community of innovators and entrepreneurs, so it is always exciting to meet with our customers and find out about the latest developments happening right here on our Central Campus.

This month we met with one of our newest customers, Kasmir Consultancy, who has channelled a wealth of knowledge and experience into the growth of businesses. Speaking with Founder Daniel Kasmir, who has previously featured on the HR Most Influential ranking, we heard about his passion for helping the success of businesses and individuals not just in the North of England, but globally too.

1.How would you describe what Kasmir Consultancy does in a few sentences?

Over the years, the focus of our research has been to understand the key elements that companies need in order to grow. Aiding this growth is at the heart of everything we do, so we understand the importance of recognizing all elements that contribute to a successful business. Not only does this involve finding the right people for specific roles, but we also tap into what is required from the structure of a business, the work culture, everyday practical skills and finding the right investors to aid fundraising and financial growth.

2.What is Kasmir Consultancy currently working on?

At the moment we are working on a range of different projects, including leadership development with a global bank, some global retailers, a large logistics company and some technology businesses. For example, the average worker spends 30-50% of their time in meetings, and as many people will understand this can be quite frustrating. We work with companies to help them develop practical skills such as delivering productive and effective meetings, finding the right candidates for a variety of roles and helping startups obtain investment.

One of our main areas of focus is helping startups in recruitment, organisation design and fund raising. For instance, our current recruitment activity has involved the hiring of an entire management team for a pharmaceutical startup which has been really exciting.

3.What are you most proud of in terms of Kasmir Consultancy’s successes and achievements?

We have worked with a range of startups in digital technology, biotech and healthcare sectors and have added instrumental value to their businesses by helping them obtain funding and fill the roles of CEO. It has also been great to utilise my knowledge and experience in the People sector to help others. Although Kasmir Consultancy is only five years old, I am also a partner in the Global Growth Institute that delivers the online ‘World Class Manager’ management programme - a quick, effective and inexpensive way of delivering key skills to people around the world.

I have also worked on a number of different projects such as working with The United Nations to run training programmes for refugees in Africa to ensure they had a practical skill set that could allow them to find jobs.


4.What is your favourite thing about being based at Manchester Science Partnerships?

Firstly, it is great to be based in Manchester - a city that is hugely flourishing with so much

opportunity for collaboration. Working on MSP’s Central Campus is great as it is located so close to the Universities, which is exciting as Manchester has the biggest student population in Europe and such a diverse talent pool. The events here at MSP also provide great opportunities to meet other individuals and businesses working in exciting areas of technology, which really creates a community feel. I’ve always loved the dynamic variety of people you come across here at MSP.

As a celebration of our move to MSP, I would be delighted to offer MSP customers a free 30 minute training session on ‘’how to run great and productive meetings’’ and find out some more about what we do. Please email for any additional information.