Customer Stories: eLucid mHealth deliver NHS IoT Test Bed


Customer Stories: eLucid mHealth deliver NHS IoT Test Bed

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This month we met with digital healthcare pioneers, eLucid mHealth, who develop adherence solutions which improve the lives of patients and the efficiency of the healthcare system by prompting medication management. Speaking with Co-founder of eLucid mHealth, Graham Howieson, we got to hear the latest updates on their role in the NHS Internet of Things Test Bed - a huge national initiative to deliver innovative dementia health services.

1.How would you describe what eLucid mHealth does?

eLucid mhealth develops digital healthcare solutions that use the Internet of Things to improve the lives of patients. By using IoT we have created a product that  provides a complete feedback system in real time to monitor the patient's compliance to their medication. Our adherence solutions are aimed at patients who  need assistance in completing their medication, improving their personal safety and aiding their recovery. By delivering a tool that allows for early intervention, this not only limits stress to the patient by reducing the need to visit their local GP and hospital, but also limits the worry of the patient’s family and the stress on the NHS. We put the patient at the heart of everything we do, so it is important that we develop technologies that really do improve the day to day lives of patients and can be used easily at home.

2.What is eLucid mhealth currently working on?

This year we were selected in a national competition to work with Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust to help deliver better dementia care through our innovative products. This is a major two year research project called Technology, Integrated Health Management (TIHM). The project is centred around how we can use cutting edge technology placed in people’s homes to improve the lives of dementia patients and their carers. These solutions will be part of an Internet of Things Test Bed that will see a consortium of 9 institutions working together with around 700 people with dementia and their carers. The project will demonstrate how the use of network enabled devices, such as monitors, robotics and wearables, can be connected to the internet with the ability to monitor patients in real time and prompt the patients or their carers to action. Not only is this a milestone in modernising healthcare, but means that we can finally join insights from healthcare technologies together in one place, rather than them existing as individual pockets of knowledge.

It is amazing to be involved in such an important national initiative that has the potential to deliver fundamental change in the future of dementia care, and to provide solutions that will allow patients to stay in their own home where they feel safe. In May 2018 it will be decided whether these solutions and findings can be rolled out nationally, and then internationally.

3.What are you most proud of in terms of eLucid mHealth’s successes?

The fact that eLucid was chosen by the largest public health body in the world - the NHS, to help change the way we care for dementia patients is something we are all really proud of as a team. It is exciting to be at the cutting edge of technology which will improve the lives of patients whilst saving the NHS millions. Being selected for this project is also an independent endorsement of our technology developed here at MSP, giving us a wider platform to extend our medication adherence devices into the clinical trials sector, such as trialling patients in oncology.

4.What is your favourite thing about the digital technology sector?

The ‘Internet of Things’ is a huge buzzword at the minute and it's really exciting to see how it is progressing. Really, what IoT means is connectivity and the ability to deliver better insight and intelligence to make more accurate decision making, whether this be in healthcare or other areas of life. This will be showcased over the next 2 years now that the CityVerve project has been launched in Manchester as the UK’s first Smart City demonstrator, really putting Manchester at the forefront of digital technology.

For eLucid, digital technology means we can develop adherence solutions that are about prevention rather than intervention. Intervention means  huge costs to the NHS and is more time consuming for the patient, whereas if we can provide technology that cares for people in their own homes we will be helping them earlier down the line. It’s great to be working in a sector that allows us to actually help people and save lives.

5.What is your favourite thing about being based at MSP?

There’s a real community spirit here at MSP and a lot of networking opportunities. When I first moved to Central Campus I was introduced to Dr Fahrid Kahn and it was because of this connection  that we founded eLucid mHealth by bringing together our knowledge from different sectors. It is also great being based in Manchester - the heart of England. The city never stands still and it is always exciting to work in a place that is always ‘’the first’’ of many things; home to the first stored programme computer, the first splitting of the atom, the first UK Internet of Things demonstrator, the list goes on...