Customer Stories: Cubic Motion

29th April 2016


Each month we love to meet up with one of our amazing customers here on MSP’s central campus to find out what latest innovations they are working on. This month we met with world-leading facial animation experts, Cubic Motion, to find out about their fascinating new technologies that are being created right here at MSP and exported across the globe.

We met with Amy Davis, who started at Cubic Motion as an animator in 2013 and is now an associate producer, to ask her five questions.

1.How would you describe what Cubic Motion does in a few sentences?

We are the world’s leading facial animation service who work with companies all over the world to create groundbreaking technology innovations in computer vision, animation and games. We are constantly pushing the bar for detail in facial animation, to make the characters you see in games, film and television more life-like than ever before.

2.What is Cubic Motion currently working on?

We’re working on a lot of exciting projects this year, some are top secret and some we can tell you about. Current projects already in the public sphere are Star Citizen and Hellblade. We are always pioneering computer vision approaches and are currently developing real-time stereo technology that uses more cameras and more angles to capture even more detail of facial expressions and depth of motion.

3.What are you most proud of in terms of Cubic Motion’s successes and achievements?

Our latest huge achievement is the work we have just done on the game Hellblade. Over an intense 7-9 weeks we developed the world’s first real-time high fidelity live performance system driven by ground breaking computer vision. To do this we developed a new technology that can track over 200 facial features at 90 frames per second, which is then mapped automatically onto a digital character and animated in real time. This means the end results can be seen instantly as a live broadcast. The response that we received was amazing and it was great to see that people were blown away by it.  You can watch the video here.

4.What is your favourite thing about the digital technology sector?

It's exciting that we’re never sure just how technology will improve and develop in the future. For Cubic Motion this means that we are constantly reaching for the next new thing and striving to create more ground-breaking technology. Thanks to the ever changing nature of the tech world and increasingly demanding expectations of technology, we are always kept on our toes. Over the past few years I have been blown away by the level of realism in the gaming world and it is companies like Cubic Motion that drive this level of quality.

5.What is your favourite thing about being based at Manchester Science Partnerships?

Manchester is evidently growing and becoming more popular which gives it a great atmosphere. There is a lot of employment opportunities in the animation and technology industry in Manchester so it will be exciting to see how the sector will grow. In fact, we are recruiting at the moment for animators, animation trackers and software developers so get in touch if you would like to be involved in the work that we do here at Cubic Motion. Email for more information.