Citylabs customer stories: Apis Assay


What sort of businesses work at our Citylabs 1.0 campus in Manchester?

We caught up with our customer Apis Assay to hear about the work they're doing and why being located at Citylabs has been beneficial for the business. 

Apis Assay Technologies Ltd is dedicated to realising the clinical potential of systems biology and medicine in the diagnosis and personalisation of treatment. Apis specialises in developing biomarkers that deliver significant improvements in the prediction and prevention of disease.

Apis Assay has two main workstreams:

  1. Biomarker Industrial Research Programme. This structured R&D programme undertakes industrial research on biomarker-based diagnostic assays, targeting various disease areas, and the ‘Fast-Tracking’ of Biomarkers and Diagnostic Platforms for market sale.
  2. The Contract Development activity operates as a distinct commercial service line, with focus on the tailored development of novel molecular diagnostic tests on new medical diagnostic platforms.

Watch the video below: