TEDxUniversityofManchester: Countdown Party

  • 17 February 2018
  • 18.00 - 21.00
  • Bright Building
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In the spirit of TED’s mission ‘ideas worth spreading’, TEDxUOM is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people and communities together to shareTED-like experiences.

Focusing on the new and unknown is a key component of TEDxUOM discussions, which ties directly into the theme for the next talk, “Uncharted Territory” on Saturday 17th March.

The theme looks at ideas that are new, unheard of, or might have been previously overlooked or misunderstood. Aiming to explore the depth of our global consciousness and how entities in our daily lives form our understanding of modern society.

Before the main event unfolds, we would like to invite you to the ‘Countdown Party’ on Saturday 17th February at MSP’s Bright Building for a evening of speeches, poetry, live music, magic and experiments, that will inspire thought and stimulating conversation leading upto the main event.

We will be joined, on stage, by the following speakers and performers:

JB Barrington - award-winning performance poet, renowned for his satirical poetry and snarling delivery of strong sentiments, his one-man shows have been selling out at a rapid rate; described as a rollercoaster of emotions with a brilliant display of writing covering social issues. JB will be performing ‘Don't look down' - poem about us not looking down on the poor.

Dominic Berry - poet 2017 winner of Saboteur’s ‘Best Spoken Word Artist’ award, writes theatrical poetry for people of all ages. Dominic will be sharing a high-energy performance poetry and talk on the theme of becoming a full-time poet, with optional audience participation.

Rona Barbour - Narrative Practitioner and ral Storyteller. Ronas has the ability to engage and transfix audiences of all ages and abilities and has a special interest in working with disadvantaged adults and disengaged teens, particularly those with behavioural issues. Ronas performance explores rarely frequented territories, such as the North Pole, while conveying an environmental message.

Remi Adefeyisan - Lyricist, poet, experimental artist. Remi has worked with musicians and artists from a variety of disciplines and cultures to create work that inspires, excites and makes people think, and is producer of Truth be Told. Remi will be performing a musical spoken word piece discussing how life achievements require sacrifice, and how obstacles need to be overcome. In his work he is a slave to the modern society. With dramatic and heart-touching words, Remi’s spoken word is a clever piece that engages the audience.

ARGH KID - A Street Poet Known for his intoxicating mix of street smart rhyme delivered with sharp wit and a colloquial twang. ARGH KID’s piece ‘Wallpaper’- is a poem of an analogy of different generations contributing to a single wallpaper, and them contributing to society.

Sam Fitton - Award-winning magician, mentalist and previous TEDx speaker. Sam will be sharing  the stream of his TEDx talk on leaving behind a career in Biology to become a full-time magician and also discussing how his life has changed in the 5 years since he gave the talk with imbedded magic effects.

Ilona Krieva - An actress that has as performed for True Stories, which has been featured at Home theatre and so many more. Ilona will be performing a theatrical monologue which invites society to give young offenders a second chance. Most of us have had rebellion times, but it is the outcome of our story what truly matters. While cooking a three course meal on stage, Ilona Krieva shows us how much she loves her husband, wanting him to want for nothing, after explaining how let down she felt by her alcoholic dad.

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