Talent-in-Tech networking event

  • 12 December 2018
  • 13:00 - 14:30
  • Bright Building
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Talent-in-Tech networking event – Mi-IDEA ground floor, The Bright Building

Hosted by Tara McDaid & Alistair Wildman (Cisco)

We work in an exciting and rapidly evolving industry that is urgently in need of more diverse talent, yet just 17% of UK tech workers are female. In a bid to bridge the gender gap, the Tech Talent Charter was created last year, expressly to encourage diversity in the digital industry.

Yet a recent Tech City UK report – based on a poll of 1,000 young people and 80,000 Reddit posts – reveals that only 13% of females have a desire to work in the sector.

What can we do as industry experts to attract more young people from all backgrounds?

Join Tara, Alistair and their passionate-about-all-people panel for a lively open discussion on how, together, we can we attract and skill-up more women and young people into the digital sector.

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