OpenData: What is it with standards?

  • 24 May 2016
  • 18.30-20.30
  • Greenheys Atrium


Tuesday 24th May
Greenheys Atrium 

MSP welcomes back OpenData Manchester to find out how a conversation about a crisp packet evolved into a debate about how we view the world around us through data and how data standards are made. 

This event started out as a conversation about crisp packet colours and then evolved into something about cataloguing types and colours of clothing. The key point is that for data to be useable there has to be a consistency in the way data is structured and what it describes. Although obvious there are many challenges involved. Data integration projects have ground to a halt, compromises that suit no-one have been made and sometimes it just seems like business carries on as usual. There is also a wider philosophical point about how you go about describing the real world through data.

This practitioner led event will be looking at how data standards are made, implemented and upheld and perhaps at the end we can all agree that Cheese and Onion crisps come in a blue packet.