Meet Your Neighbours

  • 02 September 2020
  • 10:00 - 11:00
  • Bright Building/Virtual


Ever wondered who works next door? What do they do? Could I get involved? ‘Meet Your Neighbours’ is a new event designed so you can get to know other customers and business based in your network at MSP and Circle Square.

Each month the event will be hosted in a different location on campus as well as being streamed live with interactive software, so whether you're there in person or working from home you can get involved, ask questions and get to know your neighbours.  

You will hear from a selection of businesses who will prepare and choose 10 images, with 30 second on each slide. 300 seconds to tell their story with visual aids. A brief yet informative overview of themselves and business.  

Would you like to present? 
Let other customers know what you're up to: Had any little wins recently? Projects you want get feedback on? Organisations you want to shout about? “Meet the Neighbours” is a great way to shine a spotlight and to reach out to other customers. 

If you would like to present your business, organisation or group email