Startup Stories: From Design Sprint to Startup Sprint

  • 23 November 2018
  • 08.30 - 10.00
  • Tech Incubator
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Manchester Digital Startup Stories: From Design Sprint to Startup Sprint

From Design Sprint to Startup Sprint: Moving your raw idea to a tested, interactive prototype and startup business strategy in just two weeks.

Every startup has a vision of an innovative new product, but how do you get structure in your thinking? has developed a methodology, based on the thinking of Jake Knapp, to provide an intensive, highly-structured innovation cycle that deep dives into product prototyping, testing, and validating with users – and then throws your thinking forward into a crafted and focused startup business strategy.

Design Sprints help innovators choose the right problems to solve and give first hints of possible solutions for your early stage product design. Startup Sprints provide focus and direction to enable you to set a better path to achieve your long-term goals. Combined, both tackle uncertainty and risk in the shortest possible time, while maximising learning for the startup team.

With a panel hosted by, the breakfast briefing will provide two sessions: firstly, we’ll share an understanding of Design Sprints and how they work; secondly, we’ll facilitate a session on Startup Sprints and insights into its adoption to scale and accelerate growth in your startup.


Chuck Rice, head of design at
Rich Lang, founder, Spokd
Fiona Doran, Design Researcher from Common Good
Gavin Bell, fund manager, Northern Powerhouse Fund
Nathan Langley, product designer, Coop Digital
Anna Dick, CTO, Hiring Hub

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