KMPG Tax Reliefs Seminar

  • 24 March 2016
  • 12.00-14.00
  • Greenheys meeting rooms 1-3
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Get expert business advice on your lunch break with these free sessions from KPMG. Each seminar is packed with specialist advice and practical tips, to enable you to make a real difference to your business.

This session focusses on how you can make tax work to your advantage. By the end of the seminar you will be aware of how your business could benefit from making a R&D and/or Patent Box claim and what this amount might be worth to you. If you are already making claims you will have the chance to find out whether there may be an opportunity to increase the amount of your claim.

Building on the Business Planning seminar there will also be some practical advice on how you can incorporate the benefit of these tax reliefs into your financial planning to ensure you present your business in the most favourable way to potential investors.

This session will be presented by Graham Steele and Phil Roper from KPMG’s Tax team. Graham is a Director and leads KPMG’s Innovation Reliefs and Incentives team in the North. Graham has worked with businesses across a wide range of sectors including software development, digital media, healthcare services, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Phil is a Senior Manager who works extensively with life sciences businesses and previously worked at AstraZeneca where he was involved in government led consultations on the Patent Box and R&D tax relief regimes.

Lunch will be provided.

This is open to MSP customers only.

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