Intellectual Property in digital tech with HGF

  • 04 October 2018
  • 08.30 - 10.30
  • Bright Building
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Intellectual Property in digital tech with HGF

HGF Ltd are one of Europe’s largest firms of IP specialists with 17 offices across the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Switzerland. The firm’s patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and IP solicitors provide an integrated IP solution for clients.

HGF offer the full range of services expected from leading patent and trademark attorneys and solicitors, but it is their dynamic approach to oppositions and appeals, strategic portfolio development and acquisition due diligence that distinguishes HGF within the IP marketplace.

Their specialist teams have expertise and experience covering a range of technical fields including Chemistry, Engineering, Electronics and Life Sciences.

HGF Partner Chris Benson will provide an overview of protecting computer-implemented inventions. Inventions implemented in software can be protected via patents more broadly than via copyright. However not all software-based inventions are susceptible to patent protection and, furthermore, the susceptibility of software to patent protection varies between countries.

Chris will also be joined by one of HGF's Trade Mark Attorneys, Lauren Somers.

Why is this session beneficial?

This session will provide an insight into which types of software-based inventions may be protected by patents (and equally which may not) and also how standards for protecting software-based invention vary in key countries around the world. This session will be helpful to those working in software development.

Breakfast will be provided at the beginning of the session.

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