HOME GROWN: Gin Botanicals

  • 10 July 2020
  • Summer - Autumn
  • Virtual


Welcome to the fifth chapter in our HOME GROWN programme. In this Chapter we take a look at homegrown Gin Botanicals.  

In this chapter, we focus on growing our very own botanicals that can be used to flavour our favourite tipple. 

As part of the Bruntwood SciTech network, we’re inviting you and your family on a ‘Home Grown’ journey, to create your own sustainable urban farm, that will not only feed you, but our community too. 

There has never been a better opportunity to help the planet, our minds, bodies and pockets.

How will this work?

This is what you need you to do now.

Step 1 - Sign up to Newsletter: Email events@mspl.co.uk to be added to the HOME GROWN Newsletter mailing list. As part of the programme you will get access to news, events and support to get the most out of your produce as well as a platform to share your experiences, issues and solutions. 

Step 2 - Request Free Seeds: In this chapter, we have released a grow guide on 4 different Gin Botanicals which you can access by clicking the "GROW GUIDE" below. To give you a helping start we have a limited number of free seeds which you can request before you start this chapter. To request these seeds click HERE.

Step 3 - Grow and Enjoy: Post COVID-19 we intend to host a community Supper Club - for you, your friends and families. A showcase of what you have grown and to bring our community back together. We will work with you and local chefs to create a harvested menu for the event, whilst enjoying live music and performances. Sounds good huh?

If you are interested in being part of the GROW movement please email events@mspl.co.uk to log you or your family.