Health Equity Challenge: Looking behind the NHS

  • 18 October 2018
  • 18:00 - 20:00
  • Citylabs 1.0
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The Equity Health Challenge

The University of Manchester presents the Health Equity Challenge — a series of expert-facilitated workshops designed to help you understand our health service, manage health inequities in your future work as a healthcare professional, and become a more effective leader.

Challenge #1: Looking behind the NHS

How familiar are you with how the NHS works? As we train we often have little opportunity to learn about the organisation we work within. Systems learning is often labeled as peripheral and complex. Yet, to be informed advocates, to recognise inequities and to ultimately lead in the health system we care so much about, we first need to understand it.

In this workshop, we will build an awareness of how the NHS is structured and funded, by tackling real-world problems faced by NHS commissioners — the people tasked with deciding how NHS money is spent. We will also start to take a look at some of the health inequities faced by Manchester's residents.

Any student studying within a health or management related field is welcome at this event.

On completion of this event you will receive a Bronze Health Equity Challenge Award and Portfolio certification!

If you are not a UoM student or member of staff and encounter any issues when purchasing a ticket, please contact the event organisers via this event listing [link].

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