FutureEverything presents Future Sessions: Trust in invisible agents

  • 22 March 2018
  • 22 March
  • Bright Building
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FUTURE SESSIONS: Trust in invisible agents is a rich and diverse programme of ideas, art, talks and workshops exposing the unseen currents of the Internet of Things.

As computing dissolves into the everyday, we find ourselves surrounded by millions of connected, intelligent objects. Scattered throughout the city, a bin, lamppost or coffee cup can be a computing device, a sensor or actuator. Invisible agents monitor and influence our lives, largely unexamined and unchecked.

With art, ideas and invention casting an eye to the future asking us to think about four key themes connected to the invisibility of the Internet Of Things (IoT); visibility, transparency, responsibility and trust. Future Sessions features some of the most eminent practitioners and thinkers from the arenas of design, urbanism, art and academia, as well as a packed programme of workshops and fireside chats.

Art commissions and in conversations with FAULT LINES artists Ling Tan, Naho Matsuda and Kasia Molga, which each respond to the development of smart cities and the Internet Of Things, will be showcased.  Ling, is one of seven artists selected as part of FutureEverything’s talent development and commissioning scheme FAULT LINES, and she has been collaborating with the young people of Manchester, to enable them to express their relationship with the city via big body gestures expressed wearing technology worn on the body. Ling’s art commission, SUPERGESTURES, will premiere at the Future Sessions launch party.

Future Sessions thinkers, creatives and artists include:

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino // Arthur van der Wees // Ben Cerveny //Usman Haque // Natalie Kane // Peter Evans // Matthew Edgson // Helen Knowles // Ismail Ertürk // Drew Hemment // Mara Balestrini // Lucas Gutierrez   // Seth Scott and Guillaume Dujat // Anne Beswick // Joe Beedles // Sean Clarke // Tobias Revell // John Davies

[Detailed programme with timings will be available soon]

Future Sessions will run from Wednesday 21 March (Whitworth Gallery) to Thursday 22 March (The Bright Building) 2018

Future Sessions is a new type of event for FutureEverything. An alternative to the prestigious city-wide ‘festival as laboratory’, Future Sessions has been designed as a one-day, interactive event, with carefully curated activities to engage the audience in a deeper experience of the subject matter.

Future Sessions is supported by Arts Council England, Innovate UK, Manchester City Council and Manchester Science Partnerships.

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