FutureEverything presents Future Sessions: Trust in invisible agents

  • 22 March 2018
  • 22 March
  • Bright Building
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FutureEverything presents Future Sessions: Trust in invisible agents

Future Sessions Launch Party
Wednesday 21st March 2018, 20:00 till late
Whitworth Art Gallery, Oxford Road, Manchester
Future Sessions will launch with an evening of audiovisual performances in the Whitworth Art Gallery's Grand Hall, featuring local and international artists curated by Sean Clarkeof Test Card. take that bit ou

As computing dissolves into the everyday, we find ourselves surrounded by millions of connected, intelligent objects. Scattered throughout the city, a bin, lamppost or coffee cup can be a computing device, a sensor or actuator. With our increasingly intelligent urban infrastructures, with the emergence of AI and embedded intelligence, computing has become ubiquitous and unseen. Invisible agents monitor and influence our lives, largely unexamined and unchecked. With this in mind, FutureEverything hosts future scenarios through new lenses for you to engage in, with artists, performers and panellists from the UK and beyond.

Future Sessions exposes the unseen currents of the Internet of Things through ideas, art, experiments and workshops.


Performances include:

Lucas Gutierrez

Joe Beedles

Seth Scott + Guillaume Dujat

Dan Hett + Ling Tan + Naho Matsuda

Future Sessions: Trust in invisible agents - conference

Thursday 22nd March, 2018, 09:00 to 18:00
Bright Building, Manchester Science Park

Future Sessions: Trust in invisible agents is a unique day of conference and art events created by FutureEverything, featuring discussions, presentations and workshops.

Confirmed speakers include:

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (Design Swarm)

Usman Haque (Umbrellium)

Ben Cerveny (The Foundation for Public Code)

Mara Balestrini (Ideas for Change)

John Davies (BT)

Tobias Revell (Strange Telemetry / LCC)

Plus art commissions and in conversations with FAULT LINESartists Ling Tan, Naho Matsuda and Kasia Molga.

Taking place at the Bright Building, Manchester Science Park’s brand new state-of-the-art workplace, Future Sessions is the culmination of Every Thing is Connected, a three-day ‘conference-as-lab’ which will share the findings from local and international Smart City projects through hands-on demonstrations, discussions, networking and art installations.

For further information on Future Sessions, please click here.

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