Establishing your tech team and how best to approach it with BrightBox

  • 15 November 2018
  • 10.00 - 16.00
  • Tech Incubator
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Establishing your tech team and how best to approach it with BrightBox

Please note this event is exclusive to MSP customers

Many fast growth companies struggle with meeting their tech recruitment needs in what is a vibrant North West digital economy, with constantly changing technologies and people with varying wants and desires. BrightBox is a specialist tech talent company, born out of an award winning software business, providing talent acquisition, services and technology solutions to its clients.

It provides these across key tech capabilities, including:
• Agile Leadership
• Technical / Business analysis
• Product Ownership
• Software Engineering
• Manual / Auto test
• UR / Content Design
• AI / Data Science
• Info / IT Security
• Tech / Arch leadership
• DevOps / Cloud
• And more...

If you want some advice and guidance on what roles your team should have, need help with establishing / growing your tech team, what to have in place to build the right culture, and how best to nurture that talent on your business journey etc. Then arrange a 1:1 by booking your ticket and emailing to arrange a 45 minute slot to see the founder and the team.

About BrightBox:

BrightBox Group was established 5 years ago because of experiences of recruitment in the software, tech and digital industries. BrightBox wanted to deliver quality candidates, with the best skills and the right cultural fit that would result in their clients continuing to build a performant business. They are able to lean on their own experiences as business owners and software / technology experts to disrupt the traditional models, working with clients to find creative answers that fit their need and vision, rather than work with the ‘one size fits all’ model.

Having been through a number of award winning successful start-ups the team at BrightBox know what it’s like to build the teams from scratch to deliver your products to your end customers….and are really keen to help and support like minded individuals.

Bright Box offers the following services:

Talent Acquisition - covers three core areas for our clients; permanent recruitment, exec search and/or outsourcing your resourcing directly to us. All of which are services that are tailored to the clients requirements and can easily scale or flex based on both the current and future need.

Talent Services - offers three integrated offerings to our clients; contract labour provision, managed service provision across a pool of existing resource suppliers, or delivery of part or all of a tech project through the deployment of our teams / squads.

Talent Technology - we have developed a Workforce solution to enable clients to better understand their supply / demand equation. Complementing our resource-based services, it provides clients with the foresight they need to better anticipate resourcing needs and in what capacity.

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