Dream Agility: What’s coming off the retail AI/Tech runway in 2018?

  • 09 February 2018
  • 08.30 - 10.30
  • Bright Building
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Dream Agility

As Christmas 2017 is firmly concluded, plans are afoot for cyber week 2018 (or possibly cyber fortnight). With the advent of Brexit and the latest Google Shopping opportunities - English speaking shopping ads in foreign territories - it’s never been a better time to be an ambitious retailer.

If you’re someone who thinks ‘Feed’ is something you give to cattle and that ‘Poisson’ is a fish, some of the biggest advances in retail AI and online retailing may be passing you by.

Our clients, Cambridge Satchel Company, enjoyed a 92% uplift and a 62% reduction in costs cyber week 2017. Find out how, and get the real story on some of the latest ‘emperors new clothes’ tactics that can land you with big advertising bills and unsatisfactory returns.

We’ll get you quickly up to speed with what you should be looking to do in your own business and what’s coming off the retail AI/Tech runway from around the globe to compliment your offering.

This insightful talk will be delivered by Elizabeth Clark, the CEO of Machine Learning and AI driven Ad Tech platform, Dream Agility.

Join us for debate, discussion, and breakfast. Delivered from the Cisco Innovation centre – the home of Tech Innovation in Greater Manchester.

Organisation involved: Dream Agility and Cisco. It will be held in Mi-IDEA.


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