Complete Resourcing: How to design a scalable organisation

  • 11 October 2017
  • 12.00 - 13.30
  • Bright Building
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Complete Resourcing: How to design a scalable organisation

How to design a scalable organisation

Successful organisations aren’t created by accident or chance – they need careful planning and design.

Following on from the workshop on strategic organisational planning, this workshop will provide you with a methodology for implementing it in your own organisation. It will show you how to objectively analyse your business needs both for the present and the future, and how to use this to design a scalable organisation.

In addition, it will show you how to drill into the detail of your organisational plan, ensure that each role is supporting overall business objectives, and that the organisation works together as an effective whole.

This will include practical advice and tips on defining roles in relation to current and future needs, and creating hiring criteria that result in successful hires.

In preparation for the workshop, please think about your six month, one year and three year goals, and the milestones required to achieve these goals. Please bring an outline of these with you if you have one.

There is also the opportunity for 1-1 sessions after the workshop with MD Gordon Bateman, so you can discuss these principles in relation to your organisation’s current situation. Gordon has worked with hundreds of young businesses, and is expert at helping senior teams define roles in the context of their company’s needs.

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