Business Growth Clinic

  • 20 October 2017
  • 11.00 - 15.30
  • Bright Building
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Melanie Ellyard from Smart Bulldog will be available to talk to you about your tech business.

If you’re looking for feedback on your idea or your pitch deck, advice on raising funding or how to grow or scale, then you can book a slot.

It helps to have someone else to talk to, someone who is independent and impartial.

To book a slot simply register and one of the MSP events team will be in touch. More than one person representing a company per slot is welcome.

Only ten 30 minute slots available! Melanie Ellyard, CEO - Smart Bulldog |

About Melanie

Melanie runs a tech focused consultancy business based in Yorkshire. Melanie has first-hand experience of working with ‘start-ups’ as well as ‘blue chip’ companies such as Financial Times, ICV, Thomson Reuters and HSBC Asset Management.

With over 20 years’ experience in sales, business strategy, operations, Melanie has served at board level as well as founded and run a start-up business. Areas of experience include fundraising, business strategy, project management, business development and partnership building.

Melanie has spent the last 10 months working intensively with tech/digital start-up and scale-up entrepreneurs across all major Northern cities to better understand their investment challenges.

Additionally she has built up a strong network of active angel and VC partners as well as developing relationships with public strategic funding organisations and regularly runs events to support start-ups and help simulate deal flow.

Melanie works closely with entrepreneurs, investors and partners across the Northern regions to ensure that networks are connected in order to support the next generation of high growth tech businesses. Based in Leeds, Melanie has a background in fintech, healthtech and biotech and is passionate about working alongside entrepreneurs and growing companies throughout the North of England.

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