Bright Arcade

  • 08 November 2018
  • 17.30 - 21.00
  • Bright Building
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We're bringing our retro games night back, but this time in the brand new Bright Building at Manchester Science Park.

We'll be teaming up with retro games lover, Joypad, who will be helping to bring back the excitement, as well as the exhilaration and frustration, of classic arcade games.

Joypad will be bringing back the real feeling of those spine-tingling thrills and that youthful enthusiasm – to transform a misty-eyed sense of nostalgia into rediscovery, excitement and a newfound enjoyment of these classic games.

To rekindle the camaraderie, the passion, the familiar jokes and the cheering support, and to create a space where you can lose yourself in pure amusement and uninhibited delight.

Since we will be hosting this event in the Bright Building - Manchester's newest home for digital technology and innovation, we will also be bringing you some modern gaming experiences, including virtual reality and much more.

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