Blockchainers: Healthcare in Blockchain

  • 20 March 2018
  • 19.00 - 21.00
  • Citylabs 1.0
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Healthcare is an industry that has recently seen exponential growth in efficiency and effectiveness due to technological advancements.

AI and machine learning are beginning to increase the speed and accuracy of disease detection and big data may help detect symptoms before a patient even visits a GP. Blockchain is the next step towards increasing the efficiency of healthcare. A study conducted in September last year found that 35% of healthcare companies and hospitals are planning to deploy blockchain to increase efficiency within the next year!
With a huge number of potential applications in healthcare, blockchain is expected to completely change the industry, through altering everything from the methods by which patients records are stored, to creating a secure link connect the Internet of Things (all the machines and devices within a network).

However, these are not the only potential applications of the technology. The face of medicine and healthcare is expected to change rapidly over the next 5 years, potentially even more than it has in the last decade.
In this talk Robert Learny, Lead Technologist for blockchain and distributed ledger technology at Digital Catapult will be joined by Dr. Melek Somai, Imperial college research fellow, Dr Colin James Lumsden, Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Paediatrician in the NHS and Abdullah Albeyatti, CEO and Co-Founder of MedicalChain ICO. They will talk about the potential for blockchain in changing the way medical records are stored.


7:05pm - Event Introduction and Welcome
7:10pm - Robert: Overview to blockchain technology (including its possible implications to the healthcare ecosystem, as well as its challenges)
7:30pm - Colin: Overview to the current healthcare situation (including patient records, potential problems in the current traditional system)
7:45pm - Abdullah: Medical Chain to propose a potential usage of blockchain technology to address problems related to patient records
8:05pm ---- BREAK ---
8:10pm - Panel Discussion (Blockchainers, Robert, Colin, Melek, Abdullah)
8:35pm - Q&A

About Blockchainers
Blockchainers is the first student-led blockchain organisation in Manchester. We are a non-profit organisation aiming to increase blockchain awareness and its real-life implementation. We are also taking active efforts in increasing development of blockchain initiatives in our city and Universities.


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