BiOspace Launch - Manchester's first multi-million pound shared lab

  • 05 October 2017
  • 12.00 - 13.30
  • Bright Building
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Collaborative work spaces have been the growing trend over the past few years, with more people sharing facilities, offices and communal areas to enhance partnerships and innovation. But what about lab space?

Earlier this year, Protein Technologies, Lucid Innovation and LIG Biowise partnered with MSP to develop the BiOspace lab - Manchester’s first multi-million pound state-of-the art shared laboratory, specifically designed for empowering biotech and medtech companies.

The lab will allow individuals and companies to benefit from shared access to a variety of resources, including facilities essential for molecular biology, protein expression, prototyping of medical devices, cell biology and assay development, as well as technical support and virtual tenancies.

The BiOspace concept means that costs of employing scientists and purchasing specialised equipment can be significantly reduced, as well as allowing residents to develop diagnostics, prototype products and secure essential intellectual property as and when they need.

At this launch event you will have the chance to speak with members of the BiOspace team to find out about its facilities and services, as well as having the opportunity to take a look around the Medtech centre.

Discover how BiOspace can help you and your business.


Join the launch