Authentic Leadership: ‘Why should anyone be led by you?'

  • 27 September 2017
  • 08.00 - 10.00
  • Bright Building
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Authentic Leadership: ‘Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?’
Based on the research of Professor Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones

A search on the internet will yield over 100,000 books on the topic of ‘Leadership’. With titles from contexts that include business, military, political, sports, celebrity, historical and even fictional entertainment (e.g. ‘Make it so - The Star Trek approach to leadership’).

So which approach is the best one for you?! The very fact that there is so much written about ‘Leadership’ suggests that there is no magic formula to be used as a recipe for leadership success.

Even with a room full of seasoned senior leaders, from any sector, asking a simple question will result in near complete silence and looks of quiet reflection . The question is; “Why should anyone be led by you?”.

A question that has the power to create a deafening silence. It’s a question being asked more often of our leaders, be they business, political, military or others, because the world post-2008 economic collapse requires a different type of leadership.

A focused light has been put on leaders and the approaches they used to either create the downturn or in some cases to bring us slowly out of it. In addition, with global economies and global work forces, the ability to be an
‘adaptive’ leader is also in great demand – not as a management trend or fad but to ensure continuity of leadership!

Based on research conducted by Professor Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones the notion of ‘Authentic Leadership’ has been developed to highlight not only what attributes help to establish leadership credentials but also addresses the area of what is it that followers want?

Being a leader provides many opportunities and challenges but neither can exist without the reliance on followers to come along with you. The call to action is focused on the mantra of ‘Be yourself, more, with skill’ and has shown to be a particularly effective approach to not only being a leader but being an effective one that followers want to align themselves with.

The presentation reviews approach to authentic leadership and also what it takes to engage followers. It also looks at a specific type of follower known as the ‘Clever’. The clever follower is one that knows their expertise, knows their value and doesn’t respond to authority figures the way that previous generations have done so.

The presenter is Stuart Wells, Head of Business Development, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. He is an experienced commercial director with a strong interest in promoting collaborative working as a means of achieving sustainable partnerships between universities and organisations. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear about Authentic Leadership and ‘Why should anyone be led by you?’


8am: Arrival and networking

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8.40/45: 30 minute presentation

Q&A: 9.15

9.30: Breakfast and networking

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