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"Alderley Park has a sense of place that feels right. It’s somewhere where innovation is celebrated and a broad scientific community is well integrated. You are surrounded by and can easily meet like-minded individuals and companies, which everyone appreciates and enjoys.” Neil Murray, CEO of Redx Pharma Plc

Do you want to be a part of our growing Alderley Park community? By meeting with Dr Chris Doherty at BIO International you will learn about how you can become a part of this thriving life science and tech ecosystem.

Mereside Alderley Park, an MSP campus, is the UK’s largest single site life science and biotech ecosystem comprising over 1m sq ft of highly-specialised chemistry, biology and pathology labs, scientific equipment and some of the world’s most skilled and experienced science professionals. Valuable shared science services on the site include a mass spec NMR, imaging and an open access lab.

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