BioHub Incubator


The BioHub is a specialist incubator for new and early-stage biotech and life science businesses.  Our incubator provides the right support, resource and expertise for businesses to develop, grow and succeed.

With over 150 companies employing over 500 staff, it is home to a vibrant community of science professionals. The BioHub is ideally suited to biotech and life science businesses looking for a space of 4,000 sq ft or less. However, the scale and space available at Alderley Park offers companies in our BioHub plenty of room to grow and expand within the Park at their own rate.

Helping build stronger bioscience businesses, faster

Managed by the BioCity Group, BioHub provides a home for start-up and growing life science companies. Creating an environment in which businesses are more likely to succeed, focusing on five core elements:

Flexible, modular space

The right space at the right time, on terms that are right for each business. Located within the picturesque grounds of Alderley Park, BioHub based companies benefit from the amenities the Park has to offer with a flexible, ’easy-in—easy-out’ approach. Increasing or decreasing space to support each businesses’ growth.

Pay-as-you-go services

Keeping the overheads down, state-of-the-art equipment can be accessed as and when needed—no up-front purchase costs. A collaboration between Waters Corporation, Manchester Science Partnerships and the BioCity Group, the Open Access Analytical Laboratory provides access to a world class analytical suite of state-of-the-art technology.

Business training

SPARK, DEVELOP, LAUNCH— the BioCity Accelerator programme supports entrepreneurial excellence and innovation at every stage, from the spark of an idea to meeting potential investors. Led by expertise, established companies benefit from the UK wide BioCity Expert Network, connecting companies with industry experts specific to their business needs. 

Access to finance

Tackling the challenge of securing finance for start-up and growth. BioHub based companies can access finance via the BioCity Group investment fund, Alderley Park Ventures or utilising our close relationships with grant awarding bodies and early stage investors.

Innovation community 

At the core of BioHub are the companies who have chosen to call us home. A collaborative, interactive and supportive network connected to the wider BioCity Group of 200+ growing life science businesses.

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